A 100% polypropylene 'Sisal look' loop, available in 4M width only.

Suitability - Heavy Domestic. Requires underlay.

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA626

    Design TRA626

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA637

    Design TRA637

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA688

    Design TRA688

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA726

    Design TRA726

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA737

    Design TRA737

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA775

    Design TRA775

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA788

    Design TRA788

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA827

    Design TRA827

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA876

    Design TRA876

  • Tradition%20-%20Design TRA889

    Design TRA889

Colours on digitalised images may slightly differ to that of actual product.

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